SimLE is a student organization consisting of students from the entire Tri-City, founded in 2013 at the Gdańsk University of Technology in response to the votes of employers, students and university graduates. We have heard rumors that fresh graduates lack soft skills and practical experience in applying hard skills. We decided to fix it!

We believe that practical engineering activities from concept to creation and implementation of the solution are the most effective way to prepare students for their future professional or scientific career. The task of our organization is to create teams and equip them with means to solve interesting engineering problems.

What distinguishes SimLE is a professional approach in action – our projects are rethinking from a business perspective – we work closely with industry and business. We improve our skills by organizing events, meetings with companies, trainings and the most important – by implementing innovative group projects in interdisciplinary teams. Thanks to these activities, members of our organization are better prepared for professional work and increase their value in the eyes of a future employer.

To confirm our value as a priority, we set ourselves a high level of complexity and innovation in our projects. Their development is supervised by students associated in technical projects and in the Business Department.

In technical projects implemented by SimLE over 50 students and graduates of Gdańsk University of Technology are actively involved, supported by representatives of other Tri-City universities. The Technical Project Department deals with the implementation of our ideas from sketching the first sketches to the last screw. Their works can be seen in the “Projects” tab.

The Business Department makes sure that the project department has resources to implement their ideas –establishes contacts and partnerships with companies and institutions. The effects of their activities can be seen in the “Partnership” tab. Students associated in this department promote a good image of the organization and promote our projects and events. They created the description that you just have the opportunity to read, and the other effects of their activities can be seen in traditional media, on social networks, conferences and whenever you meet SimLE. The Business Department also makes sure that the entire organization works like a well-lubricated machine.