The Board

Sets the direction of SimLE’s development. Supervises the finances as well as all formalities (accepts contracts with partners, helps to apply for funding, contacts the University authorities). The board appoints all new projects, monitors the work and progress of projects, and helps to achieve its goals. Supports project members in solving problems.

President: Jakub Jabłoński (

Vice-president of business matters: Maciej Zawadzki (

Vice-president of technical matters: Magdalena Sadowska (

Business Department

The main task of this team is to establish and maintain contact with Partners. Its members promote SimLE in a business environment. The Business Department examines the needs of entrepreneurs and creates an offer. It also participates in negotiations – sets the details of the contract so that it is the most beneficial for both parties. This department creates and analyzes communication strategy and creates content, promotes SimLE and all its projects. Its also runs a website and social media channels.

Business department coordinator – Maciej Zawadzki (

Technical Projects Department

Over 50 people are involved in the technical implementation of SimLE’s projects. Each project has its leader and a team responsible for individual technical works. The task of the leader is to lead his team to create a specific product. Leaders are also responsible for develop a cost estimate and work schedule. Members in the technical projects department on the way from the design to the construction of machines and devices, develop specialized competences and soft skills. The development is the result of using the knowledge gained during the studies in practice.

Technical Projects Department Coordinator – Magdalena Sadowska (

Email addresses to coordinators of currently active projects:

Stardust – Magdalena Sadowska


Science - Bartosz Rybacki


SimBa – Wiktor Bołturkiewicz


SeaSentinel – Igor Rusiecki


Singo – Maksymilian Balicki


Silverhand – Jakub Liedtka


STORMDUST – Magdalena Sadowska


Garnizon dla Kreatywnych – Paweł Tomaszewski