The first project that created SimLE was the Skyhawk project. Its goal was to create (design and build) a professional flight simulator.

The main task was to create a simulator that best reflects the behavior of the Cessna 172N – Skyhawk aircraft.

Skyhawk was implemented from 2013 until 2018. Currently, our device is a functional simulator.

During the implementation of the project, numerous visits were made to the Gdańsk Aero Club. Members also met with pilots to get to know the simulated aircraft as well as possible.

The project is the result of work of several dozen students from almost all faculties of the Gdańsk University of Technology and students from other universities.

The design was an extremely complicated task. The creation process involved analyzing the problem and then developing a solution that was then implemented and tested. Design works were combined with workshop works. As a result, original solutions have been created, and our device is unique in the world.

In the field of engineering work, thanks to the project, we were able to develop knowledge and skills in many fields (including composite, aluminum, steel structures, motion module kinematics, cockpit instrumentation mechanisms, instrumentation automation, software, visualization system).

The Skyhawk project was devoted to a lecture entitled “Design solutions in the Mobile Flight Simulator project”. The project was the subject of several lectures, among others at the scientific conference “Fourth Elbląg Biennial of Aviation. Aerial inspirations”.

The simulator appeared at many events in Pomerania and elsewhere (e.g. infoShare, Venture Day, IRMAST, Future3, Aerofestival Poznań, DroneTech). The project was often presented in the media (e.g. an article in “Winged Poland” or material on TVP).