Garrison for creative people!


In 2014, in cooperation with the development company Hossa S.A. we adapted one of the GdaƄsk tenement houses for the needs of a private dormitory for members of the SimLE. The project was named Garnizon – Dla Kreatywnych! (Garrison – For Creative People!)

Every year, the tenement house is inhabited by 21 ambitious young students and graduates. They share a common passion, desire to develop and fulfill.

The project was a response to the issue of difficult communication and organization among the members of SimLE. The idea of GdK was to create SimLE’s members conditions for more dynamic and effective work in the scope of tasks carried out under current projects. A private student house building with workshop space available in the area seemed to be the ideal tool for this.

After receiving and analyzing the architectural plans of the building, we started design works in the field of interior design.

Thanks to the possibility of living together, we not only develop projects together more easily, but also form friendships and learn to live in a community.

What’s more, SimLE is the first student initiative in Poland to have its own dormitory.